In the Arctic Circle runs training crews modernized Su-27 WEST

AEX.RU/18 December, AEX.RU — Crews modernized Su-27 fighters of the Western Military District today to intercept more than ten goals in the airspace over the Republic of Karelia and the Murmansk region, writes Military-Industrial Courier.

"For the joint flight training aviation groups are utilized 10 Su-27 flew more than 30 sorties" — said the head of the press service of the cooling zone, Colonel Andrei Bobrun.

According to him, the pilots will perform operational sorties from the base airfields in Karelia for the detection and destruction of aircraft in the air conditioned opponent. "In the role of a simulated enemy aircraft from airfields perform the Murmansk region", — said Andrei Bobrun.

The main task for the crews of the Su-27 in the course of the exercise — to work secrecy, to minimize the probability of self-discovery, to carry out the seizure of air targets at the far turn over tens of kilometers, to carry out the interception target and destroy conventional aircraft missile launches, the colonel said.

He said that the pilots WEST in 2012 held in the air more than 50 thousand hours, made more than 4 thousand sorties on the use of rocket-and bomb-armed infantry weapons used thus 15 thousand guided and unguided missiles, bombs of different masses and destination

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