In the area of Biysk Altai reconstructed farm for 800 heads of cattle

Public flock LLC "Seed" was a warm roof of the reconstructed central farm in the village of Usyatskoe Bijskogo area in the second half of October. The farm has become the most modern farming district, the newspaper said, "My land."

First, it switched to loose housing of cows. Second, replace the old milking equipment on modern paired imitating hand milking. It is allowed to master the technology of "Christmas tree" when milking the cows go into a special unit, where they are waiting for a milking machine operators. Department of milking milk comes in one of two refrigerators, refrigerated and then sent to the village bystranka to Barnaul Dairy processors. Updated calf shed all 290 pupils transferred to the advanced method of cold housing. In the farm there was a maternity ward.

By the way, the innovations have reduced by a third person involved in the process of milking. However, cattlemen have more work: in addition to feeding the cows they laid a bed of straw, as it relies on the new method. The attendants fill the fuel tank automatic boiler heated by household for the staff (including a shower, toilet and bathroom toiletries). For this purpose, buckwheat hulls remaining after processing unground grain in the enterprise, "Kurai Agro Plus". 
Reconstruction of the farm has cost 12 million rubles. Support was provided by the Administration of Altai Krai — to participate in the Governor’s target program "Construction and modernization of 100 dairy and 100 beef complexes and farms in the Altai Territory" for 2011-2013.

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