In the area of Chuvashia will Chyrvonaarmeiski automated brick factory


In Chyrvonaarmeiski district began construction of a plant for the production of facing ceramic bricks

It will produce from local raw materials, in fully automated plants. Construction planned to be completed in the 13th year. How many new jobs will be in Krasnoarmeysky area and what the situation is in the labor market, checked the president Ignatiev.

The first stop of the presidential motorcade — a factory for the production of polymer and textile shoes, "Chesley". Engaged in the production of more than a hundred people. It is said that the demand for their products is.

Michael Ignatieff: "These entrepreneurs are needed everywhere, in every rural community. Such creative and ambitious people can organize production and create jobs. "

Following the President inspected the construction site of the new plant "Trakovskaya ceramics." It will produce face brick and other building materials. Moreover, the production will establish Krasnoarmeyskiy from local clay deposits. Raw materials do not have to keep a distance, and, of course, it will affect the cost of production.

Nicholas has faded, CEO of construction company "TUS": "Oblitsovachny brick. The cost of one piece will be 4.5-5 rubles. And today it costs us 15. "

In the year will produce about 60 million products. The project cost more than a billion rubles. Departments of the factory will be fully automated. But to take all the work yourself robots can not, and the new production need people.

Nicholas died down: "With the construction of this plant will be about 150 jobs. Over time, planned to build a housing estate for workers, for those who work in the factory. "

The results of his visit to the district head of the Red army of the republic led to the meeting. Noted that the psychology of the villagers gradually began to change — farmers actively take out loans to build farms and household plots, and more willing to learn new skills.

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