In the area of Gusev in Kaliningrad region has opened a new pig farm

Pig Farm, the capacity of 12 thousand heads per year, was opened in the town of Gusev Krasnogorsk district.

In the implementation of such an ambitious project investors have invested nearly a billion rubles. Cutting-edge development, equal to the size of a whole quarter of the city, grew up in an open field in just one year. Looking at the new facility, which will fatten pigs, necessarily believe that farming area is really getting off its knees.

VLADIMIR Zarudnev, Minister of Agriculture and Fisheries of the Kaliningrad region: "Since the arrival of the investor in the Kaliningrad region in 2006, note the price of chilled pork fell by 100 rubles. And it is money that will remain for other costs in the wallets of Kaliningradians. "

Provides automatic feed pigs. To recover one kilogram pigs should eat about two and a half kilograms of food prepared according to a special recipe. These are the most modern standards of growing pork.

Igor Kuznetsov, head of Open Company "Baltic MEAT COMPANY 3", secretary of the local branch of the party "UNITED RUSSIA": "I hope that in the next 4-5 years our businesses, particularly manufacturers of Kaliningrad, reached the European level and the price level. And I think that our manufacturers of sausages, delicatessen shop, meat processing plants will operate at refrigerated raw materials, which we will sell at European prices. "

Today, the farm employs more than 100 people. Their salaries for the last four years has tripled. The farm has its own facilities for the production of animal feed and more than a thousand acres of land for growing grain. Land should work — this governor emphasizes, but who do not agree should just go away and not interfere with hard-working farmers.

NICHOLAS TSUKANOV, Kaliningrad Governor: "Today, the issue of food security is as high as ever. When the world does not have enough food, we constantly live in fear of some crises. That’s our job to make sure that these problems Kaliningradians did not feel that the food grown in the Kaliningrad region, and could fall on fresh tables residents of the Kaliningrad region. "

In the past year, "Baltic Meat Company" produced four thousand two hundred tons of meat. With the commissioning of new facilities will double this amount. In this case, the reliability of the project and confirms the participation of the "Savings Bank". Long-term loans, which were dreaming farmers — a reality.

SERGEY ARONOV, MANAGING Kaliningrad branch of OJSC "Sberbank RUSSIA": "We are delighted that they are enterprising entrepreneurs — companies that understand how to effectively use bank loans. In fact, eight years of lending to this project — not the limit. We have a project implementation period which ten years. In general, the effective rate can be up to 2-3 per cent per annum, with a serious term funding. "

In the most immediate plans of investors — building their own liquor to the 100,000 heads and sausage products. Farmers believe that the meat products made from chilled pork, like the residents of the area are much higher than from overseas defrosted meat. It seems that the village decided to prove that food security in the region in the hands of the people, and social well-being of the village depends on the willingness of farmers to work.

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