In the area of Sophia reburied the remains of Soviet soldiers

In the Sophia district of Dnepropetrovsk region reburied the remains of another 89 Soviet soldiers killed during the war

During the Great Patriotic War in the Sophia area, in particular, in a remote area of high, has been heavy and brutal battles. According to historians, in this land lies about 5,000 soldiers and officers. Only during the 2010-2012 historical and search teams found the remains of more than 670 Soviet soldiers. All of them were re-buried in a mass grave. 

Now members of the historical-search organization "Search — Dnepr" and "Search — Krivoy Rog" together with Russian colleagues from Nizhny Tagil "Sobol" has found the remains of 89 Soviet soldiers. In a solemn meeting on the occasion was attended by leaders of the region, Dmitry Kolesnikov.

"The memory of those who survived the war, those who have died defending their homeland, is timeless. The sons of our duty — to preserve and pass on this memory from generation to generation. This, in particular, directed public policy of our President Viktor Yanukovych ", — says Dmitry Kolesnikov.

The Governor noted that the Dnipropetrovsk to preserve the memory of the magnificent feat of reconstructed monuments and memorials, and new memorials of the Great Patriotic War, conducted large-scale battle re-enactment.

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In Krivoy Rog visited granddaughter of a Russian soldier who died in St. Petersburg

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