In the Arkhangelsk region build Verkhotinsk Mining for diamonds

June 18 Arkhangelsk Governor Igor Orlov and the president of "Lukoil" Alekperov a working visit diamond mine named Vladimir Grib, which is located 130 kilometers north-east of Arkhangelsk. It is prepared to develop a wholly owned subsidiary of "Lukoil" of "AGD".

First production from the field is to be completed in autumn 2013. This is a global investment project for the Arkhangelsk region. According to preliminary estimates, reserves are about 100 million carats.

-Tube Grib — one of the largest known to date in the world of diamond-bearing pipes. In October — November, we need to start processing factory and start production — said Alekperov. — This is the company’s first project in diamond mining, we used it in the best practices of mining in Canada and other countries that have delivered the most modern equipment. And most importantly — keep strict environmental standards and safety requirements.

C o According to Alekperov, the field created about three million jobs: for construction workers, machine operators, professionals who will serve the processing plant.

-We are, in fact, create a new image of the Arkhangelsk Region become diamondiferous province of Russia, — said Igor Orlov. — The volume of investments is impressive: today we evaluate this project as a breakthrough for our budget



The head of the region also stressed that at the same time preparing for the development of the field Grib company "Lukoil" solve the region’s multi-purpose environmental, infrastructure and social problems. One of them — the building in the city Mezeni school with 440 seats.

The president of "Lukoil" and the governor of Pomerania inspected the construction site of the future plant, preparing to pass the unit, career, comfortable houses for the staff. In the shift camp Verkhotina Alekperov held a meeting on the preparation of the field for commercial development.

Press service of the Governor and Government of the Arkhangelsk region



For the record:

Investment in the construction of mine:3.3 billion rubles.

"AGD" carries out large-scale investments in the development of diamond deposits them. Fungus. This is a very large project with a total investment of25 billion rubles.

Energocenter electric power 28.1 MW and heat 28.9 MW will provide energy and heat under construction Mining, and all the infrastructure facilities of the deposit.

A new venture for the development of the field Grib, registered in the village Soyana Mezenskogo District of the Arkhangelsk region.

The field is named after the former chief geologist of AGD Vladimir Pavlovich Mushroom, located 130 km north-east of Arkhangelsk. The discovery of diamond-bearing kimberlite pipe on the southern border Verkhotinsk area occurred in February 1996. Since then, there has begun exploration of the field. Diamond reserves the Grib pipe are estimated at 98.5 million carats.

It is assumed that the industrial mineral extraction will begin in late 2013. It is planned to develop up in two stages: Over 16 years of open (open pit) method will produce 58.4 million carats, the remaining 40 million carats already derive from the ground. Developer — "AGD", a subsidiary of OAO "LUKOIL".

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