In the Arkhangelsk region has opened a large plant for the production of sausages made of chicken meat

November 25 In Velsky area opened a large plant for the production of meat products from chicken. Capacity of the new plant is 25 tons per day.

In the coming days, about 50 kinds of cooked and smoked sausages, frankfurters, sausages, smoked a variety of semi-finished poultry meat will arrive on the shelves of the Arkhangelsk region. Thus, in Velsk will provide a complete closed loop recycling of poultry production to the final product.

"The counters in the stores of the Arkhangelsk region should be filled just with our products, — said at the opening of the workshop Mikhalchuk. — We know that it is the best quality, in its production does not use any harmful additives. Velsk poultry farm — one of the most progressive companies in the region. The discovery of such advanced production shows that the development area is really moving forward. "

Construction, reconstruction and modernization of Velskoye poultry began in 2008 and is now among the five priority investment projects in the region, which are important for the whole of the North-West Federal District.

From 2008 to 2010, the owner of the poultry farm has invested in the production of eggs and poultry 3 billion 725 million rubles. In 2011, he invested another 678 million rubles. Over the years the poultry purchased four sets of cages for laying hens and rearing, a new complex for the fattening of broilers, which consists of 16 bird houses, hatchery, slaughtering and refrigeration plant. Everywhere prudent owner used the most modern technology.

In 2010, the poultry produced 141.88 million eggs. About the same number will be produced this year. As for poultry, the dynamics of its production is simply amazing. In 2009 the Company produced 3.5 million tons of meat in 2010 — 8 tonnes in 2011 is expected to be produced 23 thousand tons of meat, that is 6.5 times more than in 2009.

Of course, so does the number of poultry. In 2010, it grew by 52.9 percent to 1 million 408 thousand units in 2011, livestock increased to 1 million 921 thousand units, including laying hens 446 thousand.

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