In the Arkhangelsk region has opened the most modern in the Russian timber processing complex

Today, the manufacture of "Ustyansky timber industry" — not only the most modern in the Arkhangelsk region. It stands out from all over Russia. Wood processing complex in the village are structured Bereznik Ustyansky district. Investment in the project is about 1 billion rubles.

In June 2011 a new company was formed — LLC "Ustyanskaya wood processing company." The main activity is concentrated in the collection and transportation of timber. The number of employees — 358 people Average wages — 33,000 rubles monthly timber volume — 40,000 cubic meters

The complex was built on the site where a few years ago there was a northern taiga. Since then, things have changed. Workers cut down and uprooted a plot of land of 40 hectares, concreted area of 28 hectares. To concreted area the size of four stadium "Luzhniki", had to build its own concrete plant. Currently, work is underway on the asphalt road to the plant.

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"In 2012 we plan to release 400 thousand cubic meters of timber in 2013 — 500 thousand cubic meters. And for such a volume of production we have enough self-AAC, — said General Director of "Ustyansky timber industry", one of the initiators of Vladimir Butorin. — Recently, we have divided our company into two parts: one is to harvest timber, the other process. Only in timber production, we invested 650 million rubles. Replaced almost all the techniques. Were purchased new harvesters, forwarders, 22 assortimentovoza, loaders, other equipment. "

In the past year held a trial run sawmill, but the company could not reach full capacity, as there were no shops, dry sorting. Two weeks ago the trial run of this workshop. And now, the complex has the capacity to become the flagship of the sawmill North-West Russia.

For foresters established an excellent living conditions. Working in the woods for seven days, the mobile operators live in the shift huts "Ermak", equipped bedrooms, a kitchen and a locksmith’s premises. In forest trailers gas, electricity, TV and the required minimum standard. For a comfortable stay in the forest service road workers acquired four shift trailer "Ark".

Like other industrial branches, dry sorting plant is built on the latest technologies. The fully automated chain operates in a shift of a few people.

At the enterprises of the Soviet period for this procedure were employed hundreds of people. The situation is similar in other lines. Only one person is working on the saw lines — one to trimming, four — on the sorting line of raw lumber.

Management of complex technology comes with the help of computers. Scanners in line define the geometry of the tree, on the other — the specification of manufactured lumber and display the information on the scoreboard. The same information is automatically placed into the computer database, so count the number of boards produced varying thickness by hand is no longer necessary.

The operator can independently determine the appropriate type of product. The computer itself will split the blade to achieve the desired specifications of the board or timber. On the territory of the sawmill automatically come logs and lumber come ready-packed in a special film. The loading of cars going straight on the premises. In accordance with the high technology and large wage workers.

Boiler room — one of the most important components of the process chain zero waste company. The installed capacity of the equipment — 11.6 megawatts / hour.

Boiler system powered by wood sawing fully automatic mode provides process heat drying complex heating and industrial buildings, dormitories and offices.

Despite the fact that the company is newly built, Vladimir Butorina there are plans to expand the new production. "We have identified the bottlenecks that hinder us to expand production in the coming year Let us their modernization," — said the businessman. — Now a day we manufacture 700-1000 cubic meters of timber per day, will soon be releasing a half thousand cubic meters per day ".

In subsequent years, the complex will be built pellet plant, CHP generates heat and electricity. Pellets are made from sawdust and power station run on waste wood chip production and hardwood trees. Thus, the waste in this modern complex is not all.

Next to the timber industry complex construction of seed production center for 9,000,000 seedlings. So the company is planning its work for many years.

Organization of timber processing complex on the basis of "Ustyansky timber" on the initiative of the Government of the Arkhangelsk region is included in the list of priority investment projects in the area of forest the Government of Russia. After switching on the investment project in the priority forest areas transferred to the investor without auction. In addition, the payback period is set a 50 percent discount on payments for the lease of forests.

Only in the Arkhangelsk region implemented five priority investment projects in the area of forest that are included in the list of the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation.

The total investment will amount to 25 billion rubles. After the implementation of these projects tax revenues to the regional budget will increase by 1 billion rubles a year.

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