In the Arkhangelsk region opened a new kindergarten

The problem is to ensure that children in pre-school education Borok Vinogradovsky District of the Arkhangelsk region was a pressing one for several years. And on November 1 was a joyful event — the opening of a new children‘s garden "KOLOSOK."


Administration of the municipality "Vinogradovsky municipal district" were involved in budgetary and extra-budgetary resources to address the problem. And now a new, beautiful, bright kindergarten building was put into operation.

At the ceremony the head of the district Nadia Vinogradovsky Kraeva announced gratitude entrepreneur Alexander Fomin, who made a great contribution to the construction of a kindergarten. Special thanks were addressed to parents who, regardless of personal time, a children’s playground. Assistance for the construction of a kindergarten had a deputy district Assembly Jacob Pawlowski.

Also the words of gratitude were addressed to entrepreneurs NV Popov and VV Odobetskogo, head of KFH "Borok" TP Smirnova, director of the Municipal Unitary Enterprise "Housing Rochegda" VE Larionov, residents Borok SV Shukshina, VV Shukshina, VN Zadorina, N. Zadorina, AS Koltsov AV Smetanin.

The opening was a festive and solemn and very warm. After a symbolic ribbon-cutting ceremony for the children was arranged tea. The bright, cozy rooms, colorful balloons, smiling faces of educators — so kids first saw their new kindergarten. First impression is correct, it will be remembered, and the guys every morning will rush here to meet friends and favorite teachers will be able to learn how to communicate with their peers, the necessary skills and knowledge that will be useful to kids in the future. And parents can be calm and happy — their children are in safe hands.

"The opening of a kindergarten in Borok — is the result of joint work of the district administration, deputies, businessmen and locals Borok" — summed up the hope edges.

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