In the Armed Forces of Russia celebrates the Day of Army Aviation



October 28 marks the ’64 since the creation of the army aviation of the Air Force (IAF), Russia. On this day in 1948, was formed by the first aviation squadron, equipped with helicopters. It marked the beginning of army aviation as a separate genus Air Force.






Helicopter aviation first was called auxiliary — in her task was to transport of goods, the adjustment of fire, exploration and sustainable communication on the battlefield. Over time, during the technical evolution of helicopters became an independent means of fire support to troops from the air.

For more than half a century of army aviation crews perform its tasks in many "hot spots" on the territory of Russia, both within and outside our country. In peacetime, the Army Air Corps flight crews provide combat training of the Ground Forces, and actively participate in peacekeeping operations, including in the framework of the UN.

Today, armed with Army Air Force are among the best in the world of helicopters such as the Mi-24, Mi-26, Mi-28N "Night Hunter", Mi-8 and its modern modifications, the Ka-50 "Black Shark" and Ka- 52 "Alligator". And in the forge of cadres army aviation pilots — Syzransky branch of the Military Training and Research Center Air Force received adaptive multi-purpose helicopters "ANSAT-U" and Ka-226, which in 2013 will be taught a new generation of Russian Air Force helicopter.

Continues to actively re-piece Army Air Corps on new and upgraded helicopters Mi-28N, Ka-226, "ANSAT", Mi-26, Ka-52, Mi-8AMTSh and Mi-8 MTV-5. Until the end of the year a total of 100 units will go over the new helicopters.

Along with this is an intensive repair operated helicopter fleet. So, in terms of military aviation maintenance production associations defense industry goes more than 80 helicopters.

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