In the Armed Forces of Russia celebrates the Day of the Air Defense Forces!

First army air defense (AD) were used during the First World War, when the battle began to actively apply aircraft, balloons, airships, where they were used for the action of the troops on the battlefield and destroy targets in the enemy’s rear.

The second important step in the development of the national air defense system was the Great Patriotic War, it was then that it occurred most significant quantitative and qualitative changes. During the war, air defense forces shot down more than 7,500 aircraft, destroyed more than 1,000 tanks, 1,500 guns and thus successfully performed the tasks for air cover large industrial centers of the state.

February 20, 1975 by the decree of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR established a holiday on April 11. In 1980, for his contribution Defense Forces during World War II and for the performance of critical tasks in peacetime day air defense was mounted on the second Sunday of April.

The rapid development of new means of air attack, and the emergence and development of new means of defense created the need for further restructuring of the organizational structure of the defense of the country, as the whole territory of the warring countries becomes a battleground.

Today, air defense units are equipped only with modern armaments and military equipment. For radio parts are purchased new radar systems and stations such as "Heaven", "Enemy", "Gamma", "Radio beam", "Sopka", "caste" systems of automation, "Foundation" and "Crimea".

Part of anti-aircraft missile troops equipped with anti-aircraft missile systems (ADMS) S-400 "Triumph" air defense missile and gun systems "Armour-C."

By 2020, armed air defense units arrive S-500, "The Knight", "Morpheus", radar systems, "Heaven", "Gamma", "Sopka" and "caste".




Office of the Press and Information Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation 

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