In the army entered sniper units


The structure of combined arms entered the Army sniper units currently under their acquisition, told Itar-Tass the official representative of the Land Forces of the Russian Federation Sergey Vlasov.

"In every motorized rifle and tank brigade including the staffing company of sharpshooters, armed domestic small arms," — said Vlasov.

According to him, formed a phased, multi-level system for the selection and training of snipers "for action as part of a sniper unit and independently." "All of the snipers will be trained in training centers at a frequency of at least once every 3-4 years", — said Vlasov.

According to Itar-Tass Chief of Land Forces, Colonel-General Alexander Postnikov, the implementation developed by the Command of the Army concept of improving the system of training and the use of snipers in the services and arms of the Armed Forces, "will solve the problem of the formation of highly professional corps of snipers, as well as indigenous alters the quality of the educational process in the formations and units, using modern technology and equipment. " "At the present stage of development of the role and importance of troops snipers are increasing, including in addressing pressing issues of combating terrorism," — said the commander in chief.

Due to the wide variety of tasks performed by firing sniper armed units provided the presence of several types of rifles with different combat characteristics. In addition to weapons and sniper scopes couple / two working together sniper / is also equipped with opto-electronic surveillance — compact laser device intelligence, binoculars and tools for baseline data for firing. Individual and group equipment includes a pair of sniper sniper complex, clothing, gear and equipment required to perform the tasks and life support, listed the Vlasov.

A source in the Command of the Army said Itar-Tass that while snipers units have adopted the existing domestic rifle — 7.62 SVD (Dragunov sniper rifle) and a silenced sniper rifle VSS (special sniping rifle) caliber 9 mm. "In the future, we will either upgrade these rifles or book with new industry," — he said.

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