In the army, there was a control system simulator

CJSC "RET Kronstadt "(founded in 2000, the founder of the company" Transas ") — a leading Russian company in the development and delivery of aviation and maritime simulators for the power ministries and departments of the Russian Federation, as well as for export.

Virtual simulator placed in Taman Division, where the third year are testing the Unified tactical control (ESU TZ). As told to "Izvestia" CEO PET "Kronstadt" Eugene Komrakov, the simulator cost the Department of Defense to 100 million rubles. Now the soldiers and officers will be able to "fight" without leaving the staff.

— This is the so-called procedural simulators, they are designed for training crews of tanks, armored personnel carriers and artillery that all units can operate smoothly, using the maximum possible ESU TK. The main task — to train soldiers and officers how to communicate between headquarters and combat units, — Komrakov told "Izvestia".

Simulator is placed in the room for 15 people, which is equipped with "headquarters" and eight small simulators that simulate the cockpit of tanks, armored personnel carriers and other armored vehicles. During the training simulator reproduces the conditions of real combat, which can be set manually or downloaded from the list of templates. For large scale operations, the program creates a virtual tanks and armored personnel carriers, which can be commanded from headquarters.

ESU TK began to develop in 2001 to simplify the control of troops in combat. With this system, commanders will be able to real-time control of tanks, aircraft and other armored vehicles by simply moving the cursor on the screen. However, the introduction of this system in force is delayed due to uncoordinated actions of the military and system developers.

According to estimates of tank expert, chief editor of "Arsenal" Victor Murakhovski, the simulator at times reduce and lower cost for training of military trials ESU TK.

— The main problem ESU TK — rotation and dismissal of military personnel who know how to deal with this system. First, they were preparing for a long time, and then, just before the test, or transferred to another part, or sent to demobilization. As a result of the exercise are able to use TK ESU only 20 percent. Of course, this simulator will solve the problem in many ways, — Murakhovski said in an interview with "Izvestia".

At the same time, the expert stressed that the classes are not simulators do not have to completely replace the use of real military equipment.

In 2012, developers will put more troops in two gyms complex ESU TK, and only the Ministry of Defence has ordered 40 such simulators.

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