In the Astrakhan region experienced a rocket

On the range, "Kapustin Yar" in Astrakhan Thursday, June 7, held a successful launch of an intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM), "Topol". It is reported RIA Novostiwith reference to the representative of the Ministry of Defense on the Strategic Missile Forces (SMF) Vadim Koval.

The missile was conducted at 21:39 Moscow time. Study of a missile hit the target for the conditional range "Sary-Shagan" in Kazakhstan.

Members microblogging service Twitter, living, particularly in the Astrakhan and Volgograd regions, shared pictures and video missile launch.


The test was conducted to confirm the stability of the basic performance characteristics of this class of missiles, reported the Ministry of Defense. Tasks test launch by representatives of the Ministry considered satisfied in full. In particular, it was possible to obtain information that will be used in the future in the development of decoys.

In November 2011 was conducted successful combat training launch of "Topol" to confirm the consistency of the characteristics of missiles of this class and to assess the possibility of extending the terms of their operation up to 25 years. According to the Strategic Rocket Forces Commander Lt. Gen. Sergei Karakaeva, terms of finding the missile complexes "Topol" in the SMF grouping may be extended until 2019.

Rocket complex "Topol" is the basis of grouping of Strategic Missile Forces. Life extension groups missiles "Topol", according to the Defense Ministry, with minimal financial costs will allow for the systematic replacement of rockets on a new generation of missiles.

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