In the Atlantic, discovered an unsinkable ship ghost

History of the Soviet ship "ghost", "Lyubov Orlova", found in the Atlantic Ocean, excited the Internet. Vitality ship, built almost 40 years ago and drifting without a team for more than a month, in stark contrast to marine disasters of recent times.

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Built in 1976 in Yugoslavia, "Lyubov Orlova" used to take passengers across the Pacific and tourists to Antarctica. In the late 1990s, the ship changed hands, and in January 2013 he was about to cut it for scrap metal in the Dominican Republic. During the towing of Canada twice broke the cable. Sailors cared only that the ship left the country’s territorial waters, which is what happened, and the owner was more interested in insurance payments in case the ship would sink.

According to netizens, the ship would have cost to sell of Carnival. It was her own ship "Triumph", for the ordeals of passengers who last week watched the whole world. A fire in the engine compartment led to the shutdown of most systems ship: not working toilets and air conditioning, and the people on board were fighting for food. The "Love Orlova" has many other advantages, according to commentators, "at least there just less than rats."

"The ship is thrown without a team of two years, but still afloat — unlike the Costa Concordia», — jokes another user, remembering the tragedy of the Italian coast. Multi-deck ship captain led the ship too close to shore and ran aground, killing 30 people.

According to the Law of the Sea, the owner of abandoned ship in the ocean can be anyone, but as long as that person has not yet been found. "The ship returned to Russia — and it does not matter with the team on board or not. Do you think these things are not thinking? The ship also has a mind. "

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