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For the military, have created tablets

Chief of General Staff Nikolai Makarov, examining the international exhibition of arms and military equipment, which is being held in France, offered to send the Finns in Russia to test their newest armored vehicle Patria Nemo Plus.
This conceptual and significantly advanced version of the well-known family of wheeled armored vehicles Patria. She even put up weapons and salons like to sell, but the Finns themselves to possible supply of armored car outside their country are too anxious. And on the proposal of the Russian general they answered evasively, think, talk and decide.

Statement by the Chief of the General Staff can explain the fact that the leaders of the Ministry of Defense really want to equip the Russian army with all the best, without regard to where it is best done. The military department is already conducting tests of two Italian wheeled tanks Centauro. On the arms adopted by the Italian as light armored vehicle IVECO under the name of "Lynx".

However, in this case is not so simple. After the Chief of General Staff retired acquainted with other products overseas, "defense", the representatives of the Finnish company, which produces armored vehicles, explained correspondent "RG", that tomorrow your car in Russia, they just will not send. Need to go through a complex process of negotiations. But then it is not clear what will happen. It is significant that in Finland, which was once the Soviet Union was armed, in today’s Russia is practically no military-technical relations, but we are close and good neighbors. But times are changing rapidly, and noted that the representatives of the company Patria. Previously, no one could not imagine that our country would order in France, a huge amphibious assault ship. And today is the first "Mistral" for the Fleet in full construction.

However, and our arms in front pulled up to the world level. This is especially noticeable in such salons as Eurosatory. First Deputy Defense Minister Alexander Sukhorukov, much of their time exploring the inheritance of the Russian exposition, pointed out that our combat systems often do not look worse than foreign. It is known that, for example, to domestic tanks in the heads of the military departments attitude, to say the least, cool. Probably just not been able to put together and compare the "Abrams", "Leopard" and T-90 last modification. In France, such a possibility. Sukhorukov, inspect the area where there are "Leopards" came to an open parking lot with the Russian T-90S tanks and machine fire support "Terminator" for a serious conversation with the CEO "Uralvagonzavod" Oleg Sienko and chief designer Andrei Terlikovym. And in that conversation, there was no bias.

In the same way — very advantageous in comparison with Western models — see our armored "Ural-3A." From the combination of the characteristics of this car surpasses even American counterparts. And it is easy to make. Cross to the United States stands with the auto-technology and return to the "Ural".

There were many complaints about the Russian sniper weapon. Defense has become even purchase large quantities of expensive sniper rifles in Austria. And at the Eurosatory could hold in your hands the best precision rifles in the world and compare them to the Russian T-5000. First Deputy Minister of Defense, our rifle liked. And why not, if it has already recognized the advantages of the men of "Alpha" and "Vympel"?

The company "Compass" showed unique to the Russian military reality tablets that allow the battlefield to create a framework, for example, the company of a single secure online network. And every soldier will see his place in the ranks, and the commander, without shouting and radio communications to transmit the commands that will be reflected on the screen. As it turned out, our tablets and our software is not worse than what the French propose to them the promoted outfit FELIN.

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