In the automaton shop ZAO SOATE the new equipment

In the automaton shop ZAO "SOATE" the new equipment — three turning center. Now experts manufacturer engaged in their testing and commissioning.

The technique has been acquired for the development of new products — solenoid injectors. This device is required to control the injector diesel engine with a next-generation fuel system «Common Rail». By electromagnet customers impose strict requirements on the main characteristics, not least of which is speed. Therefore, for the manufacture of the product and the required specialized equipment that can achieve the required number of parameters.

— New CNC machining centers allow for increased precision machining of parts in batch production. This means that even at high volume production of the product quality remains consistently high as the level of processing — explains engineer Evgeny Popov. — The machines have a modular design that is specifically designed to carry out the full range of turning operations in the processing of critical rotating parts in a single setup. They combine high power, rigidity, precision, high process flexibility and performance.

After the end of commissioning new equipment will be final configuration for a specific product. It will work for operators and shop fitters 05, passed the necessary instruction and training. 

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