In the Baikal and Vyatka released 92,000 juvenile sturgeon

Sturgeon fry in Olkhon district released the third year in a row. The locals know about it. And if such a fish caught in a net, it is released. Today Baikal released 70,000 sturgeon fry. Basically, this fish is found in the mouth of the river Selenga. Local fishermen, it is rare.

But now they hope to catch sturgeon will be more. To save the underwater world of Lake Baikal, to pay more attention to fish farming, according to residents of Olkhon district. Representatives of local businesses and the authorities intend to revive the banks of small sea venture that will growing sturgeon and cisco.

Two companies of the Kirov region Vyatskie Glade compensated for the damage caused to the production of the river Vyatka, running into the river sturgeon fingerlings.

In the area of the village Sludka the water released sturgeon fingerlings ranging in size from 5 to 7 cm a total of 21 thousand 682 copies.
This fish was purchased in the Perm region in Dobryansky fish-breeding center at the expense of the Vyatka River Shipping Company, which is on the river Vyatka extraction of sand and gravel, "- said O.Kulakov.

He said that it is — for the second launch of sterlet fry into the river Vyatka in Vyatskopolyansky area. The first was carried out previously on the left bank of the river. Then it was running 2.3 thousand sturgeon fingerlings. They bought the company "Hammer-Energo" — also on account of the nature of compensation.

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