In the Belgorod region emerged a major producer of trout and sturgeon

At the end of December in Novooskolsky district commissioned the first set of "Pearl Oskol" for the production of trout capacity of 3.6 million tons of fish and 150 tons of caviar a year.

Now the company is under active expansion of production, and the first fish appeared in the "Pearl of the Oskol" in late 2010, when it was launched a pilot project to grow trout.

This year the farm produced 389 tonnes of fish.

The design capacity of 3.6 million tons and 150 tons of trout eggs in a year, "Pearl of the Oskol" plans to go through a year and a half. In 2012 it is planning to build a plant for the production of feed for fish processing plant, which will produce 12 to 16 products.

As the General Director Nikolai Tolstoy, in August 2011, launched an investment project worth 303 million rubles, and the end of December will be put into operation the first complex of the enterprise.

There is a "Pearl Oskol" and long-term plans — the company is going to breed sturgeon. Cases for the content of Sturgeon herds already have, they need equipment. Future production capacity of approximately — 600 tonnes of sturgeon caviar and 30-40 tons per year.

As a side project that can be implemented on the basis of the enterprise, Nikolai Tolstoy called shrimp farming, and probably cancers.

Technological feature of the production of valuable species of fish in the "Pearl" is a vicious cycle of water, which minimizes the impact on the ecology of the area businesses. According to Tolstoy, built cleaning system, which allows us to reduce the consumption of fresh water from the wells of up to 2% of the total.

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