In the Belgorod region established the Institute of Alternative Energy

Established Regional Research Institute of alternative energy. It was headed by Director General of "AltEnergo" Viktor Filatov.

The institute was established on behalf of the governor of the Belgorod region Yevgeny Savchenko. In May last year, a working group, composed of members of the regional government, representatives of universities and businesses.

OAO "Belgorod Institute of alternative energy" will the scientific and technical development and implementation of specific R & D projects based on renewable sources of energy — sun, wind and water. Institute of accumulating scientific research in the field of energy conservation and energy efficiency, the use of solar energy in industrial processes, the production of drop-in biofuels and other projects aimed at the development of environmental biotechnology, biopharmaceuticals, bio-industry.

Members of the Institute will conduct research and development activities, to develop investment projects and feasibility studies for the construction of alternative energy and supervise their construction and operation in the region.

The need to create such a structure in the area is due to the urgency of environmental issues, as well as the search for alternatives to non-renewable energy sources. The constant growth of industrial production of poultry and pork leads to an increase in the volume of animal waste. The primary task of the Institute will be the development of new technologies for implementing of agricultural equipment to generate electricity by utilizing animal waste, and therefore — and reduce the environmental burden on the environment.

According to the CEO of the Belgorod Institute of Alternative Energy Viktor Filatov, the establishment of such an institution in the region will address not only the issues of alternative energy sources, but also give impetus to the development of advanced biotechnology in the areas of agriculture. The Institute will become a center of expertise and bring together all the developments in the field of alternative energy, which is at the moment.

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