In the Belgorod region has increased the volume of products

the use of nanotechnology

Belgorod regional government presented a draft for public discussion of the state program "The development of the economic potential and create a favorable business climate … for 2014-2020. " The document, prepared by the Department of Economic Development, is designed to provide the conditions for "increasing the innovation activity of the business." The planned total funding of the program in the years 2014-2020 from all sources should reach 26.2 billion rubles.

As stated in the draft program, the Belgorod region demonstrates "sustainable positive trend" of development, which are supported by the main macroeconomic indicators. For example, in 2012 the gross regional product (GRP) was 564.6 billion rubles., In comparable prices above the 2009 level of 29.4%.

The leading sectors that provide the bulk of the GRP, are industry, agriculture, trade, construction and transport. They account for 85% of GRP. In 2012, the volume of investment in fixed assets of enterprises from all sources amounted to 136.2 billion rubles., Which is higher than 2009, with 46%. Finally, the volume of products produced using nanotechnology, for the same period increased from 38 thousand rubles. to 247.6 million

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