In the Belgorod region launched sanvetutilzavod Agro-Belogorie


28 tons of meat and bone meal was sent this week to "Novoborisovskoe HPP" — one of the two feed mills holding. In the future, they will both receive products sanvetutilzavoda, which previously had to be bought on the side.

In addition to the meal plant will produce inedible fat. Now the company working to improve the quality and quantity of the produced product. August 23 plant for the first time joined at full capacity, having processed 50 tonnes of waste per shift.

Sanvetutilzavod — a new production unit, LLC "Agro-Belogorie inventories." Its construction began in the spring of last year. Investment in the project amounted to about half a billion rubles.

The enterprise has employed nearly fifty people. Formation of State continues — still needed cleaning and disinfection operators, drivers and loaders loaders. 

Raw material supply to the plant myasoboynya holding and pig western geographic area. In manufacture the case, meat, waste, bones after boning, intestinal group.

For the transportation of raw materials purchased previously used special transport. In order to biosafety machines are disinfected after each flight.

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