In the Belgorod region opened a park of roses

The city builder Yakovlev district A unique place to stroll and relax. Rose Park, which covers an area of six hectares, promises to be another attraction of the region.

The initiator and sponsor of the favorites of the park as part of the regional program "Green Capital" was the group of companies "Agro-Belogorie." Its opening was timed to coincide with the fifth anniversary of agricultural holdings.

Park appeared on the site of a vacant lot in the center of the Builder in record time. In just three months, its organizers managed to equip the territory, paths, put benches, broken beds and drop more than six hundred rose bushes.



Designers managed to perfectly fit their ideas into an existing landscape, keeping growing birches. Small trees give a feeling of coolness and tranquility. In the heart of the park appeared light and music fountain. In addition, there is a children’s playground, which is already rated young mothers.

 Symbol of the park was forged rose eight-meter, made by blacksmiths Belgorod Guild masters, led by art critic Maxim Baranov. 70 hand-decorated with flower buds and the main gate of the park.

"We worked day and night in the park to this day was a holiday for all the residents of the city. We want this park each year will get some new and fresh miracles and became the best place to stay" — said General Director of "Agro-Belogorie" Vladimir Zotov. 

Now the park will be given to the jurisdiction of the municipality and its further improvement and development will depend on local authorities.


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