In the Belgorod region opened biogas plant Lucky

September 21 in the Belgorod region Russian born bioenergy. That’s right — the birth of a new industry — called opening the country’s largest biogas plant of the ceremony participants.

Russia’s first industrial BGS built by "Alt-Energy" for recycling and meat processing plant breeding and hybrid center GC "Agro-Belogorie."

One of the goals — environmental safety. Only Group "Agro-Belogorie" produces more than half a million livestock waste. The best way to recycling — transformation into biogas.

Deputy General Director of "Russian Energy Agency" Vladimir Basque appreciated the potential of the emerging industries across the country. According to him, Russia must build 20,000 biogas plants to process them 800 million tons of animal waste.

In the year BGS "Lucky" will process about 75,000 tons of animal waste, producing 19.6 million kWh of electricity and 18.2 thousand Gcal of heat energy, and more than 66.8 tons of highly organic bio-fertilizer.

The technological process at the station was launched in March 2012. June 15 at the facility developed a first biogas. June 26 generators in the network issued the first "green" electricity, and August 5, its volume has exceeded one million kilowatt-hours. September 16 BGS "Lucky" reached its design capacity — the maximum daily production was 51,362 kWh. In general, the network entity has issued more than 2,000,000 kWh for the experimental fields of
made about 2700 tons of bio-fertilizer.




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