In the Belgorod region opened recycling facility mercury lamps

Company for disposal of mercury-containing waste company opened a "SPETSENERGOMONTAZH" on farm Volokonovsky Green Wedge area.
Recycling (recycling and disposal) fluorescent lamps are carried out on the original installation "Ecotrom-2" (patent number 2,050,051).

production of NPP "Ecotrom Technology"


Disposal of mercury lamps — this is a problem of the whole world, especially because of the growing use of them, both at home and at work. Despite all the advantages of compact fluorescent lamps have a major drawback — the presence of dangerous substances. Today, for the lighting of premises used by incandescent lamps, fluorescent lamps and LED systems. Consumption is growing, and increasingly raises the question of disposal of mercury lamps.

You can learn more at the company’s office at: Belgorod, Prince Trubeckogo, 17, that 8-910-361-90-01, 8-910-228-53-07, fax (4722) 07.27.58 or Online "SPETSENERGOMONTAZH."

The activities of OOO "SPETSENERGOMONTAZH" to collect, use and disposal of waste class 1 hazard is under license number 00027 031 Series from 8 December 2011

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