In the Belgorod region produced meat is 3 times more than in the days of the USSR

On Thursday, Dmitry Medvedev, met with the governor of the Belgorod Region Yevgeny Savchenko. Even last year, the President visited in Belgorod on cattle-breeding complexes and was pleased with how everything is organized. The President praised the Belgorod that produced meat is 3 times more than in the days of the USSR, said, "Komsomolskaya Pravda".

At a meeting of the State Council on the topic of meat while Medvedev said that Russia must ensure the production of meat at a level sufficient for the country’s food security.

With this issue, and the president began yesterday’s meeting with the governor.

— The meat we have podsazheny on imports, and this is our food security does not improve at least — said Medvedev. — And in a period of rising prices for meat and it’s spurring inflation.

The governor told the president that last year in the Belgorod region produced 1,000,000 tonnes of meat.

— This 3 times the maximum overlaps the Soviet, — Medvedev said. Savchenko, Belgorod asked to encourage livestock producers.

— Ordinance, of course, do not mind, I am ready to mark state awards and other signs promoting, — said the president. — For me it is clear where it came from this one million tons, because when you and I last met and traveled in the Belgorod region, I noticed that the number of large livestock farms and their equipment with new equipment beyond praise — remember President.

The governor promised to continue to "keep it up."

— All the more so due to competitive market prices for food, we do not grow — and boasted Savchenko.

Recall, as we wrote earlier "Kazakh-Grain", in 2015 Kazakhstan plans to increase the supply of beef to Russia up to 60 million tons a year. In 2011, the export potential of Kazakhstan over the meat of cattle in the Russian Federation is 2 tons.

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