In the Bryansk region is planned to implement the second phase of super project Miratorga

The cost of the second phase "Meat" of the project of the agricultural holding "Agribusiness", which will be implemented mainly in the south-western districts of the Bryansk region, will be 27 billion rubles, announced after a meeting with Deputy Prime Minister of the Russian Federation Arkady Dvorkovich June 5.

  • within the framework of implementation of the first phase of the project APH "Agribusiness" for the production of beef in the Bryansk region completed the construction of 28 farms for cattle

Bryansk region remains the basic region of Russia’s largest investment project for the production of high-quality beef. The president of the agricultural holding "Agribusiness" Viktor Linnik told the participants of the meeting in the government of Russia (except for the Bryansk Governor Nikolai Denin and Deputy Prime Minister Arkady Dvorkovich was attended by Agriculture Minister Nikolai Fyodorov, the representatives of the Ministry of Finance and the main creditor of the project — Vnesheconombank), which is the second phase of the project cost 27 billion, will be implemented mainly in the south-western part of the region. Miratorgovtsy will drop also in neighboring Orel, Smolensk, Kursk, Kaluga regions, as well as in the Kaliningrad region, but the base will still be in the Bryansk region.



Thus, Orel region involves the construction of two farms and 5,000 head of cattle each, feeding complex (feedlots) to 37.5 million heads, as well as production of crops in the development of 40 hectares. Planned investments — 2.4 billion rubles. The project envisages the creation of 200 jobs.

In the Bryansk region only during the implementation the first phase of the project (its cost — 24 billion rubles, invested nearly all of this amount) since 2010 in nine districts built more than 20 farms for the content of the meat breeds of cattle, "the Aberdeen-Angus." Overall, by 2014, the project will be built a complex that includes 33 farms for the content of 250,000 animals that are imported from Australia and the U.S., feedlot (feedlots) and a set of slaughtering and meat processing. As a result, the project will create more than three million jobs, involved over 200 thousand hectares of agricultural land. And the expansion of geography of the project the number of jobs increased by 2.5 thousand and will be 6000.

"Agribusiness" is also implemented in the Bryansk region is another large-scale investment project "Bryansk Broiler"With an investment of 20 billion rubles and the creation of more than 2.5 million jobs.

Plans to expand the agricultural holding "meat" project in the Bryansk region supported by the Minister of Agriculture, who offered to participate actively in their implementation farms and medium-sized agricultural enterprises.


Agricultural holding "Agribusiness"Founded in 1995. Currently he is one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of meat to the Russian market. Companies included in the holding company, a complete cycle of production. Areas of activity: crop production, feed production, animal husbandry, primary meat processing, meat processing deep, Low-temperature transport and storage logistics, distribution of food products. APH In 2008, "Agribusiness" was included in the list of 295 strategic enterprises of the Russian Federation, approved by the Government Commission on Sustainable Development of the Russian economy.

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