In the capital of North Carolina, a new program to help the homeless — ban them

The capital of North Carolina has approved a plan to rid the city center of the homeless. The plan right National Center on Poverty and homelessness called "extremely worrying example."


Homeless people are offered a choice: to go to the shelter, which will be submitted for 15 kilometers from the center, out of town or go to jail.

The number of homeless people in the county increased by 43% over the last couple of years, causing a lot of complaints from business owners. This problem could "destroy the whole foundation of what we are trying to build in this city," said one of the members of the City Council, which developed the plan.

But critics say that such a policy does not solve the problem, but merely postpones it. "We need to get to the root of the problem — why we became homeless. You can not just take us, "- said one of the homeless people on the city council meeting where the plan was adopted.

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