In the Caspian Sea the ship went invisible Volgodonsk


  • "Volgodonsk."  Photo:
  • "Volgodonsk." Photo:

Invisible to radar ship "Volgodonsk" first appeared on the job after the state tests. He, along with a small artillery ship "Astrakhan", will perform combat missions with carrying out firing in the Caspian Sea.

Small artillery ship "Volgodonsk" for the first time after the state tests came out into the Caspian Sea for working together with the ship "Astrakhan" combat training missions with carrying out shootings, reported Oct. 24 press-service of the Southern Military District. "Ships of the Caspian Flotilla" Volgodonsk "and" Astrakhan "came out of the naval base in Astrakhan on the Caspian Sea for joint working out combat training tasks," — said in a statement.

As noted, for "Volgodonsk" is the first after passing the state test access to the Caspian Sea to the conduct of firing. Within ten days crews stealth perform complex spetszadach, including artillery firing at sea, coastal and air targets, improvement of skills of navigation, control and maneuvering of ships under different weather conditions and at various scales, according to the business newspaper "The View".


As part of the Caspian flotilla now two ships of this project — "Astrakhan" and "Volgodonsk", the third — "Makhachkala" held the state tests and will go on the Caspian Flotilla in late November. IAC (small artillery ship) "Volgodonsk" is designed for combat as the river and the sea. It has been designed taking into account the characteristics of the Caspian Sea and the Volga delta, the main requirements for its creation were high seaworthiness and the ability to pass shallow depths. "Volgodonsk" — the second ship of Project 21630 (type "Desperado").

"Volgodonsk" was developed by Zelenodolsk Design Bureau (Tatarstan), and built the shipbuilding firm "Almaz". It is equipped with propulsion systems consisting of two water cannons and providing the possibility of diving in shallow waters. The ship has a shallow draft and high maneuverability. In the design of the ship used in "stealth technology" which allow him to be stealthy to radar.

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