In the Cathedral of Christ the Savior in Moscow summed up the three contests dedicated to the Cossacks

During the year, creative competitions were held with the support of the Union of Russian cities, the Association of affinity groups in Moscow, the Russian Academy of Municipal, prefecture SEAD and President of the Russian Academy of Municipal Association and local associations, SEAD prefect Vladimir Zotov. In total, managed to collect more than 1,300 works, some of which subsequently merged into a single anthology.

"At the end of the All-Russian contest" the Cossacks Say a Word "and child-Russian contest" Glory to the Cossacks! "Were awarded to the winners for the best literary works and creative works dedicated to the Cossacks. It’s novels and short stories, prose, journalism, essays and short stories, paintings and crafts, photographs and sculptural models, "- said Vladimir Zotov.

To participate in these two competitions received more than 1,000 applications. Geography contest has dozens of cities in Russia, CIS and foreign countries.

"Competition" My little homeland "we held that people do not forget to respect the customs and traditions of the homeland. There has been collected about 300 works — articles and photo stories about his native land, "- said the prefect.

 Before the start of the awards ceremony on the left balcony of the Hall of Church Councils of the Cathedral, an exhibition of works of participants of "Hail, the Cossacks!" (200 works).

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