In the center of Barnaul have a unique diagnostic scanner


Diagnostic center of Altai Krai expanding its capabilities

Keys, watches, bank cards are best left at the door. The area of a powerful magnetic field. Here is a super-modern machine, while only one in Russia, the second such only after a month will be in Moscow.

Even experts in the Altai magnetic resonance imaging, the textbooks are all learning Russian, do not cease to be surprised. Even externally — a new word in the MRI. Customarily narrow tunnel magnet for the first time extended to 70 cm Dmitry Mikhalkov, Head of Department of MRI Diagnostic Center of the Altai Territory: "Now patients of any size can easily pass on the MRI study".

Which, incidentally, can not be done on a standard old-generation CT scanner. He barely accommodates a very obese person, what can we say about pregnant women in late pregnancy or patients with claustrophobia — fear of enclosed space — which had to do anesthesia. But the main advantage of the new CT scanner — a digital fiber-optic data transmission system, which allows faster image acquisition and significantly improve it. In other words — to see what used to be available, for example, the branches of brain or renal arteries without contrast agent administration to the patient.

From this day unique for Russian machine intrudes on the service. Today, it was solemnly presented in the presence of chief doctors of leading clinics and representatives of the manufacturer — the company Fillips. They, too, came as a pleasant surprise is that the whole of Russia is Altai Territory — not the richest region — first acquired such a device. The new digital scanner, a diagnostic center promises to be the most accessible to patients. It will run 14 hours a day to save lives. At least with this clever machine doctors do it will be much easier.


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