In the center of Sankey had unusual exercises

In the center of Sochi Luge "Sledge" held teaching service professionals timing. Employees of different simulated emergency situations and the actions in case of their occurrence. For example, if the power supply fails equipment, the need to quickly connect a backup power source while maintaining the functionality of the entire system of timekeeping.

 "We have here is two-timing system, let’s call them" A "and" B ", both of them duplicates — tells the operator the bobsleigh track Denis Annikov. — We are always working on ‘A’, but in the case of a failure, switch to the second option and continue the competition without any delay. We will continue to test as a complete switch from system to system and local variants. In general, we will prepare everything to be perfect, and that everyone knows what to do in any given situation. "

Throughout the race the 64 cameras, so that all parts of the track visible. In the hardware to monitor the situation on the road three operators that control the process at the 16 big screens.

"Can go out at least one screen? Purely hypothetically, yes. In that case, we need to understand why it happened and how as soon as possible to fix it. Of course, this is all we are modeling. During the competition was nothing like this, but we have to lay in the theory that this could happen, "- explains Denis Annikov.

Events are responsible for the security of the device, signaling that the gutter is free and the athlete can move. In addition, the system informs occurs when unintended action — say, if a foreign object was trough.

Separately, the system has been tested relay-race start and finish. It is necessary for holding events in the new discipline — the relay luge, which in 2014 will be presented for the first time in the Olympic Games. Located along the trough light serifs, equipped with solar cells. They record the time at which the athlete takes another route segment. At the finish area track mounted touchpad, the impact on an athlete who has to make in order to open the gate at the start of the next competitor of his team. Only take part in the relay 3 sleds from each team (a woman, a man and a deuce). Experts studied the synchronization of all elements of the system relay race.

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