In the Chelyabinsk hospital number 9 after the cap. Repair opened perinatal office

The new center will allow all the prenatal diagnosis. Daily office can take up to thirty-pregnant patients. In order to pass the examination are now expectant mothers do not have to bear the hospital for a long time. Within one day help doctors pass all tests and results will be given the expectant mother.

Elena Zemin, chief of perinatal diagnostics city hospital number 9: "It will be held ultrasound, she would have bled on biochemical markers, congenital conditions, and the results will be ready on the same day, and then in a special program, these results are processed. If it gets to a high degree of risk, it offers further examination. "

Most of the money received by the region within the framework of the federal program to modernize health care, will focus on the new equipment. Modern equipment will go to the children‘s hospital trauma ninth. Now interregional department is under repair. There will be a new operating room and the emergency room. To equip young patients Chamber superior.

Reconstruction will take place in the children’s hospital isolation ward. Construction work in this case has only just begun.

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