In the Chelyabinsk region added two another area of the largest poultry farm

In the southern Urals will be the first platform for growing young stock. It is part of a giant Nagaybakskogo poultry complex. The entire project consists of nine objects, worth 5 billion 800 million rubles. In general, Nagaybaksky poultry complex, which will be fully commissioned in 2013, will provide 1,200 jobs. 

In the village of Kassel will soon be unique to the Chelyabinsk Region Poultry area. There will grow replacements. Construction and installation of the company is 95% completed. Quality work praised Governor Mikhail Yurevich. — To factory had a full cycle, it is necessary to obtain a so-called chick first loudspeaker. His on poultry farms do not grow, you need to buy from companies that are engaged in breeding birds. Previously imported from overseas aircraft, then from the Tver region. In such a complex area Nagaybakskom will — said Mikhail Yurevich.   Site for rearing is an important part Nagaybakskogo poultry complex. It comprises nine different objects. Already working in the village slaughterhouse Fershampenuaz, hatchery 35 million eggs per year, 4 broiler house.

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