In the Chelyabinsk region by launching our new reproductive pig farm

New breeding complex in the village of Kamenka Uvelskogo district — unique to the Russian company. It will be the first speaker is the level where will produce a certain breed of pigs for future growth in other parts of the agricultural holding "Ariant". Breeding animals, which are grown in loudspeaker, and then will be sold not only in the South Urals, but also throughout the country. "

Construction of new pig farms in the villages Kamensky and Berezovsky and reconstruction of the existing Krasnogorsk pig — the terms of the investment program of agricultural holding "Ariant", estimated at 15 billion rubles. Today, the construction of pig farms, designed for one-time placement of 50,000 pigs each, came to the finish line. The first batch of Canadian breeding pigs for further land at the airport of Chelyabinsk is 15 June.

The number of pigs "Ariant", which now has 270 thousand units by the end of 2015 will increase to half a million heads. On the simultaneous maintenance of animals is the first figure in Russia.

By investing in the industry, including the company’s "Ariant", 2015 Chelyabinsk region move into second place in the production of meat of all kinds in Russia. 

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