In the Chelyabinsk region embracing new granite deposits

In the Trinity area of the Chelyabinsk region there are dozens of new jobs — LLC "Sanarsky granite" has opened a new plant for the production of natural stone pavers.

Granite paving is aesthetic and practical material for paving roads, alleys, sidewalks, plazas. It is strong, aesthetically pleasing, easy to laying on it puddles are formed and the material is softened during heat.

The grand opening of the new facility was held on August 9 at the quarry for the extraction of Lower Sanarskogo granodiorite in the Trinity area.

New production capacity will produce up to 4 million square meters of granite paving stones in a month. This will enable better and faster to carry out work on the development of towns and districts of the region.


"The project will reduce the price of products in this segment of the market, increase the income of the regional budget to increase employment of able-bodied population," — said Deputy Minister of Industry and Natural Resources of the Chelyabinsk region Vitaly Kuryatnikov.

He added that it is also an example of sustainable use of natural resources. All manufacturing processes are carried out on the high-tech equipment.

An important factor for the opening of a new shop has its own raw materials base — Lower Sanarskoe field granodiorite. Explored in the 50’s of last century, it has remained unclaimed for many years. Ltd. "Sanarsky granite", received two licenses for subsoil use, overestimated stocks on both sites, put them on the public record. The company is now facing not only achieved, but also building stone.

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