In the Chelyabinsk region launched a revolution in the infrastructure of everyday life

Opening of a reconstructed village clinics Rose Korkinskie district, was one of the first fruits of the Governor Mikhail Yurevich order to transform the Chelyabinsk region in the area of repair.


The only clinic that serves more than 14,000 people, has not been repaired since it was built, that is, since 1953.

Chief physician Korkinskie District Hospital Rostislav Veligosh changes that have occurred in his jurisdiction clinic, or as a "revolution" does not name: "When I came to the position of chief physician, there was really scared to work. The building was in a terrible state, plaster fell off, there was no water, it came to the point that fell out the window frames. And now it is completely different, modern and just a very nice medical facility. "


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