In the Chelyabinsk region newly created cluster began producing nanodiamonds

New Chelyabinsk cluster makes nanodiamonds. For the production and use of high-tech product combined 5 enterprises of the Chelyabinsk region.

The developer of technology for production of products based on nano-diamonds is the company "NPF" New Technologies ". It also deals with the scientific support of the project. Used in the production of nanodiamonds diamond blend obtained by blasting at Kopeisk plant "Plastics". Its subsequent cleaning of metallic impurities deals Chelyabinsk company "Garantek". Next batch of purified nanodiamond and polidespersnogo (powder) Company of Snezhinsk "SKN" on its own technology produces a slurry, and the so-called ozone nano-diamond, using ozone as the oxidant, which makes technology to produce environmentally friendly. These products are passed Ltd. "Nanotechnologies" (Snejinsk) for use in electroplating. But the best part is, about 80% received ozone nanodiamonds are exported to Asian and American markets.

This is one example of the successful integration of the South Urals enterprises in nanotechnology cluster, which benefited from the active support from the regional government. For 4 years in the regional target program for the development of innovation in support of specific enterprises of the Chelyabinsk region were sent a total of 84.5 million rubles, of which 35.5 million — from the federal budget. And since 2011, the government helped to develop business plans for the winners of the regional competition for the best innovation project.

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