In the Chelyabinsk region once again earned raw-milk plant


Eighteen months ago, the production at the plant was frozen Uiskoe. The plant was looking for investors, and they came after a visit to the district governor Mikhail Yurevich. The company is now running at 30% of its capacity. The range includes various milk products: yogurt, sour cream, varenets, yogurt. All — only natural. By the way, an interesting fact: the famous cheeses Uiskoe sent even before the revolution gourmets in Paris.

"Our cheese in their qualities are not only equal Ukrainian, but even surpass them. They also compare with Swiss cheese. Quality is very decent and good. Our very nature has to ensure that the cheeses were very good quality," — said the chief engineer Uiskoe raw-milk plant Vladimir Logatchev.

Produce hard cheese will begin with the advent of "big milk" — a period in early summer, when the cows produce high yields. A few months production will ripen in special rooms. A first batch will be ready by the autumn.

Earlier, the governor of the Chelyabinsk region, Mikhail Yurevich signed a project to build a complex in Uiskoe that will hold up to 40 thousand head of cattle. Cattle will be purchased in Russia, and partly — in Canada and Finland.

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