In the Chelyabinsk region opened a new meat processing plant

The company produces semi-finished products, meats, sausages, deli meats. Suppliers of raw materials are the Argayashskaya Rodnikovsky poultry and pig. Daily output of 140 tons, and the annual yield at full capacity in the summer of 2013 will reach 30 million tons — this will be the largest meat processing company in the country.

The company‘s factory "Healthy farm" built in "open field" in the village of Ishalino Argayashsky area in record time — within one year. Production of waste-free and environmentally friendly.

In the Chelyabinsk region is the first meat processing company such a high level. The total project cost was $ 1.8 billion.

With these funds, the reconstruction was completed 22 poultry houses with total area of 33.3 thousand square meters. Built and put into operation two shops recycling and disposal of waste, boiler room.

For the realization of the investment to expand production capacity for the production of poultry products company "Healthy farm" has received provincial government guarantees in the amount of 1 billion rubles.

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