In the Chelyabinsk region openly venture on upgrading old machines

"The first machine tool builder ‘ appeared near the village Petrovsky literally in the open field. Staff undertook the development of a giant niche market — resuscitation of old machines. They are idle for many South Urals enterprises, and for their country have tens of thousands.

Current products are competitive not only in Russia but also in the international market. Among the clients of the plant enterprises of the Ural region, Europe and Asia — Italy, Korea, India, China and others.

The company’s management plans to grow: already filed an application for a 80 million rubles from the venture capital fund to finance the construction of the foundry.

 After upgrading the facilities in any way inferior to new, and are thus three times cheaper. For example, the new metal working machine can cost 200,000 dollars, and upgraded its competitor — 70-80.

"Here, for example, the machine is non-upgraded — shows one of the" Trust "director" of the First Machine Tool Company "Eugene Yashkin. — And then we get a modern machine, where everything is controlled by the mechatronic devices due to the traction motors. With the application of new technologies . "
The value of old machines — in their strong housings.

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