In the Chelyabinsk region were first infomats public services


Until the end of 2011 within the framework of the project "E-government"Chelyabinsk branch of OJSC" Rostelecom "will set the region’s 40 data devices. Through informants — special terminals — South Urals, without access to the Internet will be able to register on the portal of public services, public services available through the" My Account ", and get expert advice call center.

Among the options that are available to users of the portal check traffic police fines, unpaid taxes, licensing of educational activities. With the introduction of digital signatures will be possible through infomat pay fines, taxes and state fees — the terminal is provided terminal.

Infomats Kraftway production of Russian companies operate on the basis of Windows. The device is equipped with a printer receiver card, a video camera, a microphone, a pay phone, voice and video communications. The body and all the elements, including telephone and keyboard — vandal-proof, allowing you to install the terminals in public places.

On the eve According to the press service of the governor of the Chelyabinsk region, the first infomats have already appeared in the bodies of state power and multifunction centers (MFC). Just four devices are located in the largest MFC Southern Urals at Chelyabinsk, ul. Labor, 164. It was opened in late November. The essence of the MFC — A service of citizens and legal persons in the "one window". Several agencies are providing their services for the issuance of certificates and registration documents. Among the organizations already working in Chelyabinsk MFC — Management of the Federal Migration Service of the Chelyabinsk region, the Provincial Department Rosreestra, Cadastral Chamber of the Chelyabinsk Region, Federal State Unitary Enterprise "Rostehinventarizatsiya ‘management of social development of the city administration.

Addresses and informants in Chelyabinsk region:

Chelyabinsk, pl. Revolution, 4
Chelyabinsk, Lenin Avenue, 57
Chelyabinsk, Lenin Avenue, 59
St. Petersburg street. Vasenko d.63
St. Petersburg street. Thieves’, d.30
St. Petersburg street. El’kina, d.77
St. Petersburg street. Kirov, d.165
St. Petersburg street. Komsomolskaya d.18a
St. Petersburg street. Sovetskaya, 65
St. Petersburg street. Sonia Curve, 75
St. Petersburg street. Zwilling, 27
St. Petersburg street. Sonia Curve d.75a
Chelyabinsk, pl. Revolution, 2
St. Petersburg street. Kirov, 10
Chelyabinsk, Komsomol prospect, 41
St. Petersburg street. Gagarin, 22
St. Petersburg street. Bohdan Khmelnytsky, 6
St. Petersburg street. Ordzhonikidze d.27a
St. Petersburg street. Gorky, 10
St. Petersburg street. Commune, d.89
St. Petersburg street. Labor, d.203, TRC "Spring"
St. Petersburg street. Kasli, d.64
St. Petersburg street. Labor, d.164
Magnitogorsk, Karl Marx Avenue, d.79
Magnitogorsk, ul. Suvorov, d.123
Magnitogorsk, Lilac Ave, 16/1
Magnitogorsk, ul. Mayakovsky, 19/3
Korkino, st. 30 years of the Komsomol, d.27a
Kusa, st. Decembrists, 1
Snejinsk, st. Sverdlov, 1
Trechgorny Street. Karl Marx, 45
§ Uvelsky, st. Kirov, 2
Zlatoust, Skvortsov, 32
Kopeysk, st. Lenin, 61
, the top Ufalei, st. Jakusheva, 25

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