In the city hospital Lipetsk-Med (Lipetsk) opened the emergency room

This is a new and unique not only for the Lipetsk region, but also for Russia as a whole unit will serve about 250,000 residents of Lipetsk

Such as they are called, receiving and sorting the items around the clock to take emergency patients as soon as possible as accurately determine their diagnosis and guide for further treatment on the profile of the disease in this or other specialized institution, there are still only in Moscow, St. Petersburg and Nizhnekamsk.

Lipetsk emergency department will be the fourth in the country. It is designed for 50 beds to be used much more intensively conventional fixed intended largely for routine patients.

Unlike the usual separation of duty hospital admissions in the richness of its modern high-quality equipment, the purchase of which spent 52 million rubles.

Already in the first days of operation made 123 people. Most of them were hospitalized, and some — has received the necessary consultations.

Premises repair cost 5.5 million rubles. Funds are allocated primarily from the federal budget for the program of modernization of health care. However, a lot of money involved, and municipal. In particular, the city has funded the installation of travolator — infinitely moving walkway that allows patients on gurneys without effort is now delivered to the surgical unit. Co-financing was carried out in other areas.

The choice of the reference platform "Lipetsk-Honey" is not accidental. This is one of the largest general hospitals of the city, located on the 450-bed hospital. Material equipment and qualified personnel enable us to provide emergency medical care here in specialties such as gynecology, surgery, traumatology, neurosurgery, urology, pulmonology, cardiology, endocrinology, neurology, cardiology. In total, 12 hospital departments. In comparison, five of them in the emergency hospital.

The institution is constantly working on the introduction of modern methods and technologies. Widely used conducting minimally invasive and laparoscopic surgery. Center for Radiology mastered CT angiography, which allows to obtain images of the vascular bed in 3D. The innovations are widely used in offices and therapeutic clinical diagnostic laboratory.
The concentration of all these resources in one place and will provide quality health care to emergency patients. 


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