In the city of Arzamas earned five family child care

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In the city of Arzamas earned five family child care and two more in the area.

Each garden is a single-family house, where the premises to house with all the comforts of ten children and the family caregiver apartment. Under the terms of the contract after ten years of house becomes the property and has the right to dispose of it at their own discretion. Anyone wishing to participate in this project have applied to participate in the competition. Were selected by the best teachers with years of experience in their specialty. This is a result of the implementation of the regional target program "Creation of family child care in the Nizhny Novgorod region in 2011 — 2013 years." Total set to be built 150 kindergartens to accommodate 1.5 thousand children. Some citizens about the program asked the question: maybe it is better not to disperse funds, and to invest in the construction of large kindergartens? Apparently not.

Deputy Minister of Education of the Government of the Nizhny Novgorod E. Rodionova explained:

— For the construction of a children’s garden with occupancy 110 — 120 to 130 children — 150 million rubles. A typical family daycare costs us 3.28 million rubles, and another one and a half million rubles for summarizing communications. Accordingly, the construction of ten houses gives us the fullness regular kindergarten. And it costs a lot less. In addition, we solve two problems at once: reduce all to kindergarten, and, most importantly, educators improve their living conditions. This year, we intend to open fifty of these gardens and the same in the future.

The head of the city administration M. Buzin underlined that these houses are built in neighborhoods where a higher demand for kindergartens.

— These family-run preschools are the structural units of kindergartens № 17,36, 52, 53, and are close to them. A kids meals will be managed centrally from the base of pre-school institutions.

A visit of the house left a good impression. Comfortable bright room, changing room with lockers, a lot of toys. Just as in a conventional garden, only one group. And most importantly, the parents are happy.


Alexander Kuznetsov

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