In the city of Bratsk opened a new processing plant rubber tires

In the city of Bratsk, Irkutsk region launched a new plant for processing rubber and carbon-containing products of LLC "Innovation".

With the launch of a new installation of the plant’s capacity will increase to 5 tons per year. It will be possible tire recycling powerful BelAZ which are operated by Korshunov Mining Plant and the Yakut enterprise "Neryungri Metallic". As a result of disposal of motor and carbonaceous wastes "Innovation" produces fuel oil, carbon black and metallokort.

The company has been around for four years, and it takes one and a half acres of land, on which are stored and disposed of waste car tires. Each year the company processes about 400 tons of raw materials, which under the contract comes from Bratsk, Ust-Ilim, Zheleznogorsk Tayshet and other cities of the Irkutsk region of large industrial companies. Among the partners of "Innovation" — "Vostoknefteprovod" branch of the "Ilim". More than 400 tons of rubber production comes from the many transport companies, entrepreneurs and individuals. Thus, the total amount of recyclable products is in the range of 1 million tons per year.

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