In the city of Cherry opened a new plant for the production of concrete and concrete mixes

May 22 st. Kiev, 54 in Cherry inaugurated and put into operation a new plant for the production of concrete and concrete mixes TM "Concrete by Kowalska." 

In the construction of the plant and equipment was invested 20 million USD. This figure shows, excluding the cost of land, for construction companies.

The production capacity of the plant will produce 240,000 cubic meters. m concrete mixes year.

The new plant will satisfy the local demand for high-quality concrete, as well as enhance the ability of the Group to ensure the Kiev region Sviatoshynskyi concrete products.

The main factor for the construction of the plant is in Cherry was active development of the city, particularly in the direction of the Beltway and Sophia Forums: under construction commercial and residential real estate, as well as the comprehensive development of neighborhoods. As a result — increased demand for building materials, primarily on the concrete and concrete mixes.

The grand opening was attended by the President of the Association "Industrial and Construction Group" Kowalska "Alexander Pilipenko, Vice President of the Group of Vladimir Surupa, as well as Vice-President of the Confederation of Builders and Construction Chamber of Ukraine Ivan Salia, and noted the traditional cutting of red tape.

"Just six months before that time, we made the decision, and in a very short period of time, compressed and built a branch" Plant JBK them. S. Kowalska "for the production of concrete and mixes in Cherry" — said during the inauguration of the president of PSG, "Kowalska" Alexander Pilipenko.

Deputy Director of the Confederation of Builders of Ukraine Taras Lylyk handed Alexander Sergeyevich honorable mention for significant contribution to the development of the construction industry in Ukraine.

Immediately after the declaration of the plant officially open the invited guests, among whom was a manual PSG "Kowalska", business partners and media representatives got acquainted with the production process during the tour, which is held by Vice-President, Group Vladimir Surup.

Vladimir Yu introduced the guests to the key information about the characteristics of the equipment installed in the workplace, and spoke about the production capabilities of the company.

In particular, the plant is equipped with Cherry concrete mixing unit SIMEM firm with 80 cu. m per hour, trains Sand (1200 tons) and cement, which consists of an 8-silo cans of 150 tons each, and a private railway line.

and enterprise the firm Recycling units STETTER, which provides waste-free production of concrete mixtures. Also, the plant is equipped with two compressors capacity of 16 cubic meters. m compressed air per minute.

It is appropriate to say that all those present could not only make a modern conditions of production and quality of products, but also to witness the momentous event — the first ever startup of the plant mixer.

The day plant in Cherry is able to produce 400 cubic meters. m production "Concrete by Kowalska", the average price of which is 500 USD. per cubic meter, which allows you to receive proceeds of approximately 200,000 hryvnia daily.

Checkout can be located on the territory of the enterprise sales department, where everyone will be able to acquire not only the concrete and concrete mixes TM "Concrete by Kowalska," but also explore the wide range of curved paving elements from TM "Avenue".

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