In the city of Engels, Saratov region orphans were handed the keys to new apartments

May 28, Minister of Construction and Housing area Dmitry Tepina handed the keys to the new housing 30 orphans. The head of the Ministry of Construction congratulated the new settlers and presented gifts.

The apartments are located in Engels in the three-storey house dvuhpodezdnom at Volzhsky prospect, 64.

Residential house is built of wall panels, manufactured using German technology, the roof is covered with metal tile. The apartments have new windows, electric stoves and ceilings.

"In recent years we have increased the number of issued flats of 3-4. In 2013, we plan to provide housing for at least 700 orphans. To address this issue from the regional budget will be allocated 220 million rubles from the federal budget — 190 million rubles. Directed a request for additional funds. No trip to Moscow is complete without a visit to the Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of Regional Development with a reminder of the need for an early solution to this problem, "- said Dmitry Tepina.

According to the Minister of Construction and Housing, one of the ways to provide housing for orphans is for apartments with the use of mechanisms of public-private partnerships. As explained by Dmitry Tepina, the regional government, providing the land and providing a connection to utilities, is entitled to receive 20% of the constructed apartments. In Saratov, the project is being implemented in the district "Sun-2", similar patterns can be applied in Balakovo and Engels.

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