In the city of Klin (Moscow region) one hundred families were moved out of dilapidated housing to new apartments

Klin hundred families now have the keys to the well-appointed apartments. All of them were residents of a new neighborhood Olympus in the south-west of Klin. Prior to that future immigrants lived in homes that do not meet modern requirements, which were built after the war.

New housing built in the framework of the regional targeted program to move people out of dilapidated housing with the need of low-rise construction. The program is funded primarily by the Fund of assistance to reforming housing and communal services. For settlers built seven-storey houses with mansard roofs.

At present, the forces of the contractor ("Company TehnoStroyOlimp") built for the settlers 7 low-rise residential buildings (3-storey detached house with a loft) with a total area of 6.6 thousand sq.m. Their construction is allocated 203 million rubles (173 million rubles from the Fund of assistance to reforming housing and communal services + 30 million rubles from the budget of the Klin municipal area as provided by the law of co-financing). All apartments will be given to people with full interior and utilities connected (water, electricity, heating and plumbing is already there, the gas will be connected at 70% confidence settlement house).

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