In the city of Kotel’nich (Kirov region). After the cap. Repair opened kindergarten

August 10 Kotelnich opened after reconstruction kindergarten number 7, "Kalinka". In addition it will be able to go another 35 children. In the garden, a new group of 22 people.

 This was made possible after a major renovation of the building outhouse. His sheathed siding, put plastic windows and doors. Global alteration undergone and the interior: the walls are insulated and covered with drywall, new linoleum on the floor. Also, the indoor outhouse, which now can be called the second housing kindergarten, a gymnasium, a school of early development of the "A button" for children from 1.5 to 3 years, the art studio. The main building was reconstructed nutrition unit, extended flight of stairs in groups of new cabinets, furniture and beds. Fully renovated bathrooms.

All reconstruction work spent about 4 million rubles allocated from the regional budget. Total year-end Kotelnich should see an additional 210 places in preschool. Repairs are completed in kindergartens "Smile", "Swallow", "Fairy Tale" and "The Mansion".

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