In the city of lakes (Moscow region). After the cap. Repair opened the hospital

Ozersky hospital reopens after renovation. March 23 in a solemn ceremony was cut "Red Ribbon".

In 2011, the modernization program of health in the area were Ozerskoe works on major repair of buildings. Within six months of work on the reconstruction of the hospital were accelerated pace. Compared with other areas of the Moscow region for the repair maternity Ozersky area has been allocated a colossal amount.


During repairs, the district administration is constantly controlled the pace of the construction work at CRH. To this end, from the very beginning of the program to modernize health care in Ozerskaya CRH was established operational headquarters every day of his representatives to monitor the progress of repair work. In the hospital changed all the windows — they are replaced by plastic, paneled walls, floors — laid new tile.

Restructuring touched not only houses, but also operating — they became more and more light. Towards a new plaster and added new hardware. The balance of the hospital received an expensive modern boxing for nursing babies. On the terms of sponsorship in a short time in the hospital will be Ozerskoe 20 cots for babies. For equipment furnished hall maternity ward of the hospital staff presented a gift certificate for 63,000 rubles. The money will be spent on the purchase of furniture.

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